Rock Fiction Coveting: Playing with Fire by Deborah Fletcher Mello

Posted: January 12, 2016 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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Is it the first in a series, as the title indicates (Sultry Southern Nights #1), or a standalone? Is it a standalone novel but part of a series with a linked theme?

Seems to be the latter.

Romeo Marshall is over six feet of cool, smooth, hot, southern seductiveness–just like the music at his popular Raleigh club, The Playground Jazz and Blues Bar. With his beloved mother gone and no father he’s ever known, the business is Romeo’s everything. It’s a place where anything can happen–and the evening one gorgeous young woman and one intriguing old musician walk into the bar–and into Romeo’s life–it does.

There’s something about high-powered, down-to-the earth Taryn Williams that captures Romeo’s attention like no other woman has. Yet unanswered questions from his past seem to hold him back from real commitment. For Romeo to move forward in love, he’ll have to learn some devastating truths–and James “Piano Man” Burdett is there to teach him. And with Taryn’s help, Romeo just may accept that like music, life sometimes needs to be improvised. . .

Okay, let’s start with what I love. Jazz. A jazz bar that the hero owns. I love that the people on the cover aren’t the usual hot, shirtless white folk who are there to make you drool. I like that there aren’t any of the usual Rock Fiction graphics. You know the ones I mean.

But my question is who is the love interest, or is this a trio? There’s Taryn, yet James “Piano Man” Burdett sounds awfully important here, too.

Inquiring minds… and mine is definitely inquiring on this one.

(Oh, wait. Don’t tell Susan, but I read the reviews… I am so far off-base, I need new friends. No threesome here, and I bet the author’s laughing her head off at me. Which, in this case, I deserve. Except… when you have a man who has to help another man move forward in love, was I THAT far off-base? That’s a pretty darn vague comment!)

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