Jett Reviews: Hot Rock by Annie Seaton

Posted: July 16, 2014 in Reviews
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Susan sent me a copy of Annie Seaton’s Hot Rock. I’m not sure where she got it from, but she’d have blogged about it if it had been a gift from the author.

Whatever. I got a copy and I read that copy and let me just say, this was one of the dumbest books I think I’ve ever read. No, it’s not the time travel storyline that bugged me. It’s that there really wasn’t a story.

You’ve got this chick, Megan. She’s just landed in England to research what I think is her PhD thesis and she gets a call: some jerk of an ex has hacked into her entire life and sabotaged her entire career. She could be fired from her job at the university, she could be labeled a cheat and dishonest, and be turned into some leper or something. I’m confused ’cause how can she have this job if she doesn’t have her PhD yet? Don’t you sorta need one of those to land the job in the first place?

But our buddy Megan doesn’t care about this risk to her job. She’s going to a music festival! And sure, it’s her research, but hey, look at all these bands who’re playing! And wouldn’t it be great if she ran into this rocker dude she’s had a thing for since she was a teen? And hey, check it out! When she fumbles – because she fumbles more than she does much else – her way onto the wrong cottage’s porch, guess who opens the door?

Umm… and how devoted are you to your job, honey?

And then there’s David. This rocker dude who has chosen to live in Megan’s present and not the 1970s he’s a rocker during. So past history tells him he writes this song called For Megan or something, but he’s not sure why, even when a chick named Megan shows up on his doorstep.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

And, of course, he tries to protect her from his secret because she may not take it well. Ya think? Maybe if there was some chemistry between the two… heck, maybe if the characters had seemed like living, breathing people, there’d have been some redemption for this book. But ugh, the clichés. And these people never stop being words on a page. They never seem real.

As for the romance itself, I don’t get it. Part of the fun of a romance is seeing what obstacles a couple has to get over before they have their happily ever after, but the biggest problem these two have is that Megan can’t listen when David tells her to wait for him. Well, okay, David takes off after this Holly chick ODs, like she’s his responsibility or something even though we know he doesn’t like her. It’s never really clear what role this Holly chick plays in his 1970s life, and it’s never ever the least bit clear why the other two guys in David’s band can’t pony up and take responsibility for this unlikeable girl.

And if David’s so important to the band and its past, why does he rush off with Holly, ignoring his true love, Megan, and thumb his nose at the man who he knows – because he knows his past history (although nothing about writing a song for a girl named Megan or sharing his past with her) – is going to be the band’s big break?

Like I said: Stupid.

Probably the best part is when electronics go wonky around the solstice because of the power of the ley lines that tie into Stonehenge, but that subplot, which is so important to David, doesn’t go anywhere. The gates mostly present the obstacles for David and Megan, but they only do because they are both stupid people.

Skip this one, unless you want to take a stab at explaining that title. I’m deleting this off my reader and hoping to forget about it.

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